OTT Tops Traditional TV In Customer Experience

Over-the-top streaming video providers like Netflix and Hulu are outperforming traditional TV providers like DirecTV and Comcast Xfinity.

That's according to the 2018 U.S. Customer Experience Index, from Forrester.

Forrester’s Index examines “how successfully a company delivers customer experiences that create and sustain loyalty,” according to the firm. The Index looks at a wide array of industries.

The Index found that overall consumers were very pleased with OTT providers, with all receiving an “OK” score of 65-74. Netflix led the field, followed by Hulu, Showtime, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and CBS All Access. Hulu and Amazon improved their standing compared to last year, while CBS All Access and Showtime each declined by one spot.

By comparison, traditional TV providers fared poorly, with the highest-rated provider, Dish Network, scoring lower than the lowest-rated OTT provider, CBS All Access. Most providers received “poor” marks, meaning a score of 55-64. Only Dish received an “OK” score.



One of the benefits OTT providers have over traditional linear video distribution providers is the ability to build an interactive user experience meant to work on devices like Roku, Apple TV and smartphones, without the need for a cable box or satellite dish. 

Internet-delivered video can also be updated with improved designs and more functionality automatically and over WiFi, enabling OTT providers to iterate and improve quickly.

Still, traditional players are beginning to catch up. DirecTV and Dish Network now offer streaming services of their own, while Comcast’s X1 platform has garnered critical praise from those that have used it.

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