Automaker Introduces Glasses That Combat Motion Sickness

A French car manufacturer and its agency are taking the comfort of its customers one step further. 

With its agency, Traction (BETC Group), Citroen introduces Seetroen, the first glasses designed to alleviate motion sickness.

Motion sickness is a common condition that chronically affects more than 30 million people in Europe and likely millions in the U.S. One in three people develops symptoms at least once in a lifetime, according to the automaker.

The condition is due to a difference in perception between the sight and the sense of balance. The glasses use “boarding ring” technology, a patented and tested paramedical device with a 95% efficiency rate, developed by a French start-up.

Colored liquid moves in rings arranged around the eyes, in the frontal direction (right-left), but also in the sagittal direction (front-back). This recreates an artificial horizon which re-synchronizes the sight and the inner-ear and solves the motion sickness in less than 10 minutes and in 95% of the cases.



The glasses will initially be sold in limited and exclusive quantities in the brand's lifestyle boutique. The automaker has created a video to describe how the glasses work.

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