Agency Vet Launches First Multicultural Podcast Network

After spending most of his career working in Adland, most recently at Laundry Service, Gary Coichy is now transferring his expertise to the podcast industry with his new venture POD Digital Media, which is targeted to multicultural audiences.

Brands need a network that can assist as they look to reach this audience segment, which is increasingly shifting from terrestrial radio to podcasts, says Coichy.

The network is designed to help brands specifically reach multicultural listeners through its 100 shows, including Angela Yee, Latinos Out Loud, and Ed Lover. 

Although this space does not allow for innovative media buys -- aside from the standard pre-rolls and mid-rolls -- POD Digital Media will offer exclusive shows and is partnering with production podcast houses and individual large podcasters throughout the country to develop more personalized branded content. 



“We also will have unique relationships with the influencer podcasters to get premium placement on their shows versus the other networks,” says Coichy, adding that although there about nine podcast networks in the U.S., such as Midroll and Gimlet, POD is the first to specifically target multicultural audiences across its entire lineup. 

The network launches with two alcohol brands as well as Moët & Chandon.

“The multicultural audience is all about authenticity and the ability to reach this audience in an environment where they are tuned in and fully engaged allows us to deliver our messaging and increase our brand awareness,” says Keith Howard, brand director, Moët & Chandon.




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