To Boost Engagement, Zulily Tries Whimsical 'Thrill Week' Campaign

Zulily, the e-commerce site that thrives on whimsy, is introducing Thrill Week, a promotional event it hopes will tempt its fans as much with fun and games as with money-saving offers.

Many retailers, from Nordstrom to Amazon Prime, offer customers annual events that promise the biggest savings. Zulily hopes to make its sale more fun, offering one daily “Big Thrill,” hidden in an unexpected location on the site, teased by three clues released when each deal goes live. One lucky shopper might be able to buy a vacation for two, for example, for the price of a bottle of wine, or a brand-new $2,000 wardrobe when they buy a $10 scarf.

There will also be time-limited “Dashes for the Deal,” as well as 100 $150 shopping sprees. It plans to float details by its fans on its website and mobile app, as well as through social-media channels. 



Zulily is a “fueled by discovery and entertainment,” says Naama Bloom, vice president of brand marketing. “Our customers don’t visit for the routine or ‘regular’ commoditized shopping experience offered by traditional retailers. She sees us as a fun, purposeful part of her everyday lifestyle, as she seeks the thrill of a new find that will bring her joy and pride.”

To let shoppers know about the upcoming event, it’s introducing a campaign that uses oddball trivia (like “Did you know you’ll spend two years of your life standing in line?” and “Did you know that bees can sting each other?”) to segue into sales announcements.

She tells Marketing Daily that the ads are running digitally and on TV. “We have spent the better part of the past year getting to know our customers really well, from their TV-watching habits to their browsing habits, and we think we have a very strong formula for reaching them.”

She also says Zulily isn’t worried about running its sale so close to Amazon Prime Day, even as that e-commerce event keeps drawing more retailers into promotional combat. “Our customers are never burned out on the feeling they get when they discover a great deal or a unique item, as demonstrated by our 91% repeat order rate.”

Based in Seattle, Zulily is owned by Qurate Retail, which also owns QVC and HSN.

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