Tremor Video DSP Partnering With Dstillery On Audience Targeting

The programmatic video platform Tremor Video DSP is partnering with applied data science firm Dstillery on a new audience targeting solution.

The product will combine Tremor Video DSP’s video bid stream data and the company’s in-house advanced creative team with a custom audience targeting algorithm built by Dstillery.

The result is a solution that can find “lookalikes” to existing users of brands and deliver video creative to them, expanding the reach of a marketing message.

“This product is meant for brands that have consumers that leave a trail of digital breadcrumbs, if you will,” Abbey Thomas, CMO of Tremor Video DSP, tells Digital News Daily.

Thomas added that the solution was for “brands that know the in and out of what their customers look like, and probably have been reaching them through display. But as video is estimated to become 80% of all internet traffic by next year, you need to find those customers in video now. The video data and algorithms that Tremor brings to the table can help them do that.”

Marketers can leverage their own data within the solution to find new customers, or they can use Tremor Video DSP to leverage Dstillery’s suite of pre-built audiences.

“This approach helps us have our brands discover and reach new consumers though video, based on the profiles they have of their current customers,” Thomas says.

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