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Allstate Focuses On The 'Power Of Truth'

Allstate is introducing an advertising campaign that validates its commitment to continuing to transform the company and position the brand for the future. 

Centered on the “power in truth,” the campaign demonstrates that Allstate goes above and beyond on behalf of customers and focuses on the idea that truth today is hard to find. There’s power in the truth, it says, and Allstate takes that and goes beyond on your behalf.

Created by Leo Burnett, the two spots, “Park Road, America” and Four Way Observation, feature recurring actor Dennis Haysbert. The spots aim to show an “updated and innovated” Allstate. The campaign ends with the line, “Now that you know the truth, are you in Good Hands?”



Leveraging Haysbert gives the company an iconic and universally recognizable asset who reinforces values of trust and caring that have always been core to the DNA of Allstate, says Gannon Jones, Allstate senior vice president, marketing.

“This new campaign takes the timeless values of the Allstate brand, and presents them in a modern way that shows how we’re adapting,” Jones tells Marketing Daily. “We set out to remind consumers of the benefits that set Allstate apart: the personalized expert advice that they get from one of 10,000 local Allstate agents, and innovations that leverage today’s technology to help them protect their families and simplify their lives.”

The campaign is just one component of Allstate’s efforts to lean into its brand heritage and equity, while pushing the brand into the future, Jones adds.

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