TV Time Launching Video Measurement, Analytics Platform

The TV tracking app TV Time is leveraging data gathered from its more than 12 million registered users to launch a video measurement and analytics platform, TVLytics.

The platform will seek to measure cross-platform viewership for TV programs, with a particular focus on under-measured and unmeasured platforms such as over-the-top streaming video.

Rather than be a replacement for traditional ratings, TV Time’s platform is meant to provide more detailed information that can complement viewer metrics.

The announcement comes the same day that ComScore and Hulu announced a deal to measure OTT viewership across platforms.

“The market is incredibly fragmented, and the way people view and where people view has change dramatically over the past few years,” TV Time CRO Carol Hanley tells Digital News Daily.



“Even if you are Netflix and you know what you are doing, you don’t know what’s on Hulu, or what Amazon has got, and so on. This is a way to pull the curtain back, and allow people to understand the dynamics of what is going on in that marketplace without all the walled gardens there.”

The TVLytics platform was also designed to measure a number of other factors relevant to media and technology companies, talent agencies and advertisers, such as consumer reaction to characters or actors, anticipation about upcoming shows, and emotional engagement to programming, giving users another layer of granularity.

TV Time’s data comes from users of its app, which lets users track the shows they watch, learn about what other users are watching, and get suggestions about what to watch.

“TV’s big problem today is that there are so many programs and so little understanding of viewer interactions with programming across all sources and on all devices," says Alice K. Sylvester, partner at the analytics-driven consulting firm Sequent Partners. "TV Time provides a missing link: the level of passion viewers have for content, regardless of how they consume it, across the entire spectrum of delivery options.”

Hanley says that the company developed its measurement platform based in part on suggestions and feedback from its clients. The data in the platform is updated in real time.

The company says it is hoping to expand its user base, particularly in the U.S., as it ramps up its data business.

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