Search Share: Trump Vs. Publishers

Marketers for President Donald Trump’s website are rallying for organic and paid-search market share and ranking in Google query results against some of the top global news agencies like CNN and Time.

Adthena, the AI-powered search platform, on Monday released findings from a study revealing search trends related to U.S. President Donald Trump. The company analyzed thousands of searches between February and March in which brands appeared at the same time as the site across paid and organic search on desktop and mobile devices.

When it comes to search, Ashley Fletcher, vice president of marketing at Adthena, believes the biggest competitors to the president’s website are the media companies that cover news about the president. These publishers show up in the same search query results. This is largely driven via organic search, not paid.



Today, CNN is the most likely publisher to appear in the same search results when someone queries the term “Trump.”

In ranking the percentage of search terms related to, comes in at 61.05%, followed by at 55.79%, at 54.74%, at 52.63%, and at 52.63%.

Click-share performance seemed similar for paid desktop text-based search ads that reference Donald Trump. The top five included at 24.72% of all clicks on paid desktop text-based search ads, at 13.90%, at 11.91%, at 11.17%, and at 10.04%.

For organic search on desktop the top five include at 55.34%, at 13.29%, at 10.83%, at 10.35%, and at 3.92%. drove the highest percentage of clicks for paid search text ads on mobile at 54.58%, followed by at 13.90%, came in with 13.29%, took 3.49% share, and took 3.40% share.

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