Reddit Pushes TV Discovery, Search Across Platforms, Films

Reddit has made searching for content about television shows easier through links like r/television that lead readers to forums where millions of people share ideas about favorite television shows, issues influencing the TV industry, and more.

The latest push is about searching, discovering and discussing TV topics on Reddit’s platform, where 47 million users frequently advise others on TV shows and 65 million users live in heavy viewing TV households.

From internal survey data, Reddit knows 47% of those using its platform watch more than 10 hours of TV weekly. They also are active contributors to the larger TV community on Reddit, with 63% of television fans on Reddit subscribing to their favorite show’s subreddit.  

Most shows have a fan base on Reddit, from Game of Thrones to RuPaul’s Drag Race. The top communities by unique reach to date in 2018 starts with Game of Thrones with 11.5 million, followed by Rick and Morty with 10 million, RuPauls Drag Race with 9.8 million, Stranger Things with 6 million, South Park with 5.4 million and The Bachelor with 1.9 million.

Some 48.5% of Reddit users most often seek out their friends to talk about their favorite shows, followed by 42.6% on Reddit; and 8.9% for other such as Facebook, Twitter, comments on blogs and news sites.

Some 66% of Reddit users discover new shows on the platform, followed by 15% through friends, 6% from social, 5% on-air promotions, 5% from publishers, and 3% from digital ads.

Reddit also want to make content discoverable through film. On Friday the company announced that STX Entertainment will begin promoting the upcoming release of their film, The Happytime Murders, on Reddit through a promoted video to introduce Reddit to one of the fictional main characters, Detective Phil Philips.

STX will also run a promoted AMA with Phil in targeted fan and entertainment communities from August 13 through August 17.  AMA is Reddit's Ask Me Anything question and answer interview post where a user hosts the interview. In this case it's Phil. 

Promotion of the AMA will take place just prior and during the AMA to collect community questions for the character Phil to answer. This campaign aims to drive engagement and awareness for the film among the largest entertainment community on the internet.

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