Comcast Tops All Media Cos. In Q2 Ad Share

Comcast Corp. grabbed the highest share of advertising revenue from national marketers of any media company in the first half of 2018 -- improving its share of a year ago.

Comcast posted a 12% share in revenue from national marketers, according to Standard Media Index, from January through June 2018. Google had the second highest ad revenue share at 9.6%.

A year ago, for the first six months of 2017, Comcast was at 9.7% share; Google, 9.1%.

For national marketers, these shares comprise any advertising purchased through media agencies -- national and local media, including national TV networks, local radio, local TV, newspapers and digital media.

This year, after Comcast and Google, Walt Disney was at 8.6% share (it was at 9.1% a year ago); CBS Corp., 6.3% (6.8% in 2017); Time Warner, 5.7% (same as 2017); 21st Century Fox, 5.5% (6.5% in 2017); Discovery Inc. 3.9% (same as 2017); Viacom, 3.8% (4.0% in 2017); and Facebook, 3.5% (2.8% in 2017).

SMI also says a 3.9% share went through media agency trading desks. It was 3.5% in 2017.



This year, the top 10 media companies/platforms totaled a 62.9% share of national marketers dollars; the remaining 37.1% share went to other media sellers.

SMI says 63% of advertising revenue from national marketers went to traditional media and 37% went to digital media. Just looking at video advertising, 89% went to linear TV video platforms and 11% to digital video.

SMI’s data comes from five of the seven major media agency groups , gleaned from raw invoices, actual dollar amounts spent on each ad buy. These agencies make up 70% of the national TV market. SMI models out the remaining 30% using occurrence data.  

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