Study Shows Ongoing Lag In GDPR Readiness

Many firms are still not up to speed with GDPR, according to a study by Imperva. The research found that 28% of companies do not feel fully compliant. 

In addition, less than half are confident they would pass their first GDPR audit. But over one third are somewhat confident, and less than a fifth are not sure at all. 

In addition, 90% can easily respond to disclose the information they hold on consumers. And 57% have already received a disclosure request.

However, only a third know the location of personal data on their systems. And more than half will need three more months to achieve that. 

“The deadline has now come and gone, yet the study shows that many organizations aren’t sure they have achieved GDPR compliance,” states Terry Ray, CTO of Imperva, a cyber security provider.  

Ray adds: “It does not surprise me that many organizations feel unsure about the idea of a GDPR audit. The truth is many would fail.”

The deadline for GDPR compliance was May 25.

Imperva surveyed IT professionals and executives during the Infosecurity Europe 2018 conference. 



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