LG Intros Wearable Robot

LG Electronics has created a human-centric, wearable robot to support and enhance a user’s legs to add lower limb strength and increase mobility.

The LG CLOi SuitBot, which can connect to other LG service robots, was designed in collaboration with the startup SG Robotics, which has been studying how wearable robots can improve life quality.

The naturally rotating joints of the wearable device allow the robotic wearable to move naturally to enhance the lower body while walking, standing or working. It has sandal-type shoes and automatically adjusts for the wearer to get in and out.

“LG CLOi SuitBot is evidence of our full commitment to expanding our portfolio of service robots that deliver tangible convenience and innovation in our lives,” stated Song Dae-hyun, president of LG’s Home Appliance and Air Solution company. “It’s just one example of a wide range of revolutionary AI products designed to interact with users to dramatically elevate user convenience and create new opportunities to advance our robotics initiative into a next-gen growth engine.”

LG’s previously announced robots include Guide Robot, Cleaning Robot and Serving Robot. Unlike the others, the LG CLOi SuitBot does not navigate airport lounges and hotel hallways by itself.

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