Amazon's Army Of Human Bots Use Twitter To Defend Work Ethics

Amazon has been using social media to employ an army of professionals to defend the company’s work ethics on Twitter.

The online community of FC Ambassadors, which TechCrunch describes as “Stepford-like” real-life workers, tweet about how everything is well with its warehouse workers.

Gay, an Amazon FC Ambassador on Twitter who goes by the name of @QThePinkYoshi, just wants to assure everyone that the FC Ambassadors are not bots and are not getting paid. “We take the job seriously and I’m not holding up a script that was given to me to say, ‘We get paid well and are treated fairly.’”

The warehouse ambassadors, who have made a customer service commitment, tweet back at criticism of working conditions at the marketplace. 

The Twitter users jump to the defense of Amazon’s facilities. Some list off stats about Amazon’s pay compared to other companies. TechCrunch identified 15 accounts, all with Amazon smiles as their backgrounds and “FC Ambassador” after their name, complete with job titles, locations, and the duration of time they have been with the company.

All FC Ambassadors tweet positive messages about how great it is to work at an Amazon warehouse and assure that those who communicate with them are not forced to do so.

Amazon claims its FC Ambassadors are full-time company employees and hired to educate the public about work at its facilities. The move follows recent press reports about conditions at its fulfillment centers.

The Washington Postreported that thousands of Amazon workers receive food stamps and that Bernie Sanders wants the marketplace to pay.

Sanders plans to introduce a bill in the Senate on September 5 that would impose a 100% tax on government benefits received by workers at companies with 500 or more employees. “For example, if an Amazon employee receives $300 in food stamps, Amazon would be taxed $300,” reports the publisher.

Carol -- a picker in Kent, Washington, who encourages those who come across her profile to tweet her -- says she makes a monthly bonus that comes out to more than $15 per hour, but she gets a raise every six months for the first two years.

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  1. Sean Wyseman from several, August 26, 2018 at 8:45 p.m.

    Sanders is certifably insane for such a gargantuan disincentive to reward workers. Sanders must want to create slaves out of employees. I hope millennials who liked Sanders take note of, and understand the implications of such a bill if it passes.

    Hitting the business management with massive unbelievably monstrous taxes - 100 percent!!! Think about how this affects all wage earners? The company you work for is punished for giving you incentives to do better. Also you are punished because nobody will pay for the incentive to give to you and they pay the government the exact same amount in tax. How do you like that wage earners? 

    Both you and your company are punished for giving you benefits like health plans, health club memberships, bonus vacations, basically anything that your company can do to make your life better is going to cost them double. Obviously Bernie's purpose is to stop any company from dispensing benefits. Period. End of story. No more benefits except at double the cost. Nobody wins at that game except Bernie and his cronies.

    Can you believe this? I can't. But actually I'm grateful to hear Sanders doing this because it's pretty damn easy to see the utter stupidity of this move.

    If you can't see how this screws both the corporations and the employees -- then you deserve Bernie as a leader. But the rest of us don't deserve anyone that stupid so Bernie will bury himself with comments like this.

    If the gereral public was just a hair sharper they'd never let a guy like Bernie get past the primaries. It's too bad Bernie wasn't such a mean, bitter, unfriendly, angry, old dude.

    He could have been a much more persuasive individual if he had something with geninue hope, charismatic hope, proven track record hope, lover of the people kind of hope, but wait, Trump is already in office with a great economy and low unemployment in all classes.

    He's so hated by the media for making their decades of selling out America come to an end.

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