FCB Health Launches In Brazil

FCB Health is opening its first-ever dedicated offering in Latin America with FCB Health Brasil. 

The São Paulo-based shop will be led by Aurélio Lopes, CEO of FCB Brasil and chairman of FCB Latin America, along with Diego Freitas and Mauro Arruda as managing directors. Freitas and Arruda previously worked at Havas Life São Paulo, where Freitas served as executive vice president and executive creative director, and Arruda was chief creative officer and chief executive officer.

In fact, these two executives are a major factor in the timing of this expansion plan. While FCB has always viewed the country and the broader Latin America region as key markets, it was a "matter of finding the right talent" that made it happen at this moment in time, says an agency spokesperson. 

The shop will work closely with FCB Health's New York headquarters and operate similarly to the network's other global healthcare centers by providing full-service offerings to healthcare clients. 



For now the 15-person team is working on global projects that need a "Latin American point of view," while working to build up its own client roster. 

"We are very confident in this operation because brands – all brands, not just those related to health – are increasingly concerned with making a difference in people’s lives," says Lopes. "As the seventh-largest healthcare market in the world, Brazil is key for all global healthcare and well-being brands.”




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