East Meets West In New Film From TBWA, Mirum

Helsinki Airport and Finnair have teamed with their respective agencies (TBWA\Helsinki and Mirum) to create a cinematic-quality short film about the interesting encounters that people experience when traveling. 

There’s some obvious branding in the 13-plus minute film, "East and West Side Story," but it doesn’t seem forced. 

The film tells the story of a best-selling author (who struggles with celebrity and personal privacy needs) and a well-known photographer who’s been hired to do a shoot that will reveal the author’s true identity for the first time. 

The pair fail to meet for the agreed-upon shoot and then have a chance encounter at the airport. The film can be seen here

The film was co-directed by Korea’s Young-Wook Paik and Sweden’s Johan Storm and was unveiled last week at an event at Helsinki Airport, where an aircraft hangar served as  a movie theater for a screening.  The host for the evening  was filmmaker Renny Harlin.



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