Smartphones Live In The Center Of The IoT Universe

Despite the massive number of smart devices being shipped and sold, the smartphone remains the most significant of connected devices.

Overall Internet of Things device numbers are impressive.

For example, 123 million wearables will be shipped this year, according to International Data Corporation (IDC). These include smartwatches, wristbands, earwear and connected clothing.

The number of smart speakers being adopted also is respectable, with 12 million having shipped in the second quarter, according to Strategy Analytics. Total sales this year should reach 39 million units, according to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

Smart homes also are coming on strong, with sales of smart home devices like smart thermostats, smart locks and doorbells reaching 41 million devices this year, estimates the CTA.

Then there is the smartphone, the current hub of many smart homes as well as the parent device for many smaller devices, like wearables.

In the second quarter alone, 342 million smartphones shipped globally, according to IDC. Samsung shipped 72 million phones, Huawei 54 million and Apple 41 million.

The Internet of Things will comprise billions of Internet-connected devices. At least in the foreseeable future, many of those devices will find their way through smartphones.

Amazon Echo and Google Home patiently await their turn.

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