Video Platform SpotX Claims Total Anti-Fraud Compliance

SpotX, a video advertising platform for publishers and broadcasters, says it is 100% in compliance with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s anti-fraud ads.txt effort.

When an ads.txt file is present, all bid requests to a demand-side platform (DSP) are only from sellers within an ads.txt file. The effort is intended to improve transparency for programmatic buyers.

The company says it has been compliant since July.

SpotX says 85% of its publishers have adopted ads.txt, above the industry average of 60% adoption. It also notes that ads.txt-enabled sites through SpotX deliver 12% higher viewability rates and 15% higher eCPM -- the cost per thousand viewers -- compared to sites without ads.txt.

Mike Shehan, cofounder-CEO at SpotX, stated: “A crucial trend we have observed is the growing support of DSPs including dataXu, MediaMath and The Trade Desk whose increased implementation [of  ads.txt] is driving industry-wide adoption.”

SpotX surveys 80,000 sites a day to collect ads.txt data.

In June 2017, the IAB introduced ads.txt, a tool that can help ad buyers avoid illegitimate sellers that arbitrage inventory and spoof domains.



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