The Case For Corporate Email Signatures

How do you solidify your brand, especially in B2B emails? With email signatures, claims Christian Lund,  co-founder of Templafy.

Email signatures are stamps with that can automatically populate an email — disclaimers, brand stamps, logos and other such standing elements. They can be customized by department and other variables.  

“It gives the email credibility because it’s a way to make sure the brand is presented correctly in the corporate context,” Lund says, adding that “HR department emails might differ significantly of those of the sales department.”

In addition, “marketing campaigns can be individualized for different groups in a company” -- and easily changed, he continues.

In addition to solidifying the brand, signatures increase the amount of time recipients remain on web sites, Lund asserts.

But are emails with signatures vulnerable to spoofing? Only if the technology is weak, Lund answers.

Typical users include law firms and financial services companies — enterprises with a high level of security. Usage is via Outlook.

Lund estimates that signature adoption is widespread among enterprise-level firms, but “not all equally.” The cost, at least with Templafy, is based on the number of users in a company.

Templafy is a privately owned company backed by Insight Venture Partners. Its offices are located in Copenhagen and New York, with roughly 80 employees.



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