Levi's Taps Heat For Millennial Campaign

Levi's is appointing Heat as AOR for the denim brand's Denizen line, aimed at more fashionable, younger buyers.

Heat conceived the Denizen from Levi’s first global campaign, tapping into the themes of optimism and connection, two values that resonate with the targeted Gen Z and millennial audience. The "Change It Up" launch film shows a diner with a lively party before going back in time to reveal a couple (garbed in Denizen gear) that transformed the bistro from sleepy to rambunctious.
Here is a link.

Adhering to the brand's target, the media buy is solely across social media, including Instagram and Facebook, aided with owned and paid social channels.

Denizen from Levi’s was originally launched overseas as a fashionable alternative to the namesake Levi's denim but at a lower price. The brand came to the U.S. exclusively at Target, before parent Levi Strauss decided last year to reintroduce this value-priced brand for a broader consumer base.



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