Slack Acquires Astro To Further Channel Collaboration

Slack, the provider of an enterprise app,  has acquired Astro, a specialist in email infrastructure, in an effort to further integrate email into the Slack platform and further channel-based collaboration, the firm says. Terms were not disclosed.

Astro had previously created Astrobot for Slack.

The Astro team has built email and messaging tools such as Zimbra, Acompli and Mumbo. And it has provided Astrobot for Slack.

Astro has advised users that it will shut down its apps for Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Alexa and Sack on October 10, and it has disabled new user signups. 

The firm advises users that they can switch to email apps from Google, Microsoft, Apple and other providers. The firm says it syncs data with Gmail and Office 365 accounts.




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