Mailchimp Undergoes Rebranding, Evolves Business

Mailchimp is unveiling a new brand identity as the email marketing company evolves into a full-service marketing platform.

The platform first worked with brand experience company COLLINS to develop this new identity system, while Mailchimp's design team and agency R/GA executed the creative elements.

The overhaul introduces a new illustration style that favors surrealistic designs meant to convey personal expression over realistic accuracy or cartoonish pictures.

This pivot serves to acknowledge Mailchimp’s support for businesses looking to "build their brands by maintaining their unique voices in the world," says an agency spokesperson.

Freddie, the brand's mascot, is also slightly tweaked with a more authentic and simplistic look, though he retains his large grin.
The company is replacing the previous script logotype with a new, chunky, slightly off-kilter wordmark that’s designed to better connect with a streamlined Freddie.



The new typeface, Cooper Light, is based on the historically recognized typeface Cooper Black. 

The new brand identity will be woven throughout the Mailchimp experience, including website, marketing, advertising, resources for small businesses, support channels and internal communications.

This push coincides with the launch of Postcards, Mailchimp's first foray offline. It's basically email for mailboxes by letting companies send personalized mailed messages.

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