Trump Campaign Sends Kavanaugh Victory Lap Email

The Trump campaign is first out of the post with an email blast to hail the “tremendous victory for our nation, our people and our beloved Constitution” following the elevation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court on Saturday.

The email states: “You elected Republicans to fight for Americans in the face of injustice.”

It continues: "Today, I’m proud to tell you that our Party stood up against the angry mob and voted to CONFIRM Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court."

On Sunday, Democrat Nancy Pelosi sent a fundraiser email urging supporters to "never forget and never forgive, Breitbart News reports. 

The email, sent from the Trump Pence Make America Great Again Committee, was posted on Twitter by Kenneth P. Vogel.

It asks recipients to "Please make a contribution to defeat every Democrat complicit in this nasty witch hunt."

That aside, the email is positive in proclaiming the victory, in contrast with campaign emails that create false deadlines in the drive for funds.  

"Welcome to the world of campaign email fundraising, where deadlines appear arbitrarily, funding targets change by the day, and every message carries dire urgency,"The Concord Monitor writes, citing emails sent by New Hampshire gubernatorial candidate, Democrat Molly Kelly. 

“Please, I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t critical,” she wrote Saturday morning after making several prior pleas. "Click here to give $5 or more before our midnight deadline to become an Election Year Member of my campaign to flip New Hampshire blue."

Republican incumbent Chris Sununu has also stressed deadlines, with one recent email saying: "Please, make an urgent contribution before we close the books at 11:59 TONIGHT," The Concord Monitor continues.



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