Millennials Most Want To Work For Tech Companies Like Google, Netflix

There’s more to building a brand than just making it attractive to consumers. Attracting competent employees is also key.

Among millennials, the 10 most admired employers are all tech or entertainment companies. Google tops the list, followed by Netflix, Microsoft, YouTube, Amazon, Nintendo, Walt Disney, Android, Pixar and Samsung Electronics.

Adding in other age groups, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are among America's companies most coveted as employers, followed by Walt Disney.

Hershey and Netflix are tied for fourth place, according to a new report released today from Morning Consult. The study uses data from over 6,000 interviews with adults in the United States and explores what Americans want in their careers and from potential employers.

Rounding out the top 15 are the U.S. Postal Service, Samsung Electronics, Fedex, Sony, UPS, YouTube, Coca-Cola, Universal Studios and National Geographic.



Only 15% of white-collar workers say they would prefer to work for a company that takes strong political stands, while 35% say they would prefer their company not get involved. The rest are more neutral or unsure.

When employees consider companies' political stances, the least controversial issues are advocating for civil rights and criminal justice reform. The most controversial issues are supporting Donald Trump and abortion. 

Forty-four percent of women say having a good work/life balance is the most important factor when thinking about their career. Just 35% of men say the same. Additionally, 56% of women and 57% of men say they would be more likely to want to work for a company that made an effort to promote people of color to leadership positions.

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