Beachfront, MadHive To Bring Blockchain To OTT Inventory

The supply-side video advertising platform Beachfront is partnering with video advertising technology and data company MadHive to integrate MadHive’s data management platform (DMP) with Beachfront’s OTT inventory.

MadHive has invested in blockchain technology and cryptography in its products and will bring the technology to its new solution with Beachfront. MadHive’s product is focused in verifying audience data, giving marketers more transparency into where the data is coming from, and how fresh it is.

“The product we are introducing with Beachfront is to offer real-time implementation at the bid level, to digitally sign the third, second- or first-party data into the bid request, then let the bidders buy into those digital signatures,” MadHive CEO Adam Helfgott tells Digital News Daily.

Frank Sinton, founde-president of Beachfront, says the tech is a “use-case,” a proof of concept that could further the use of blockchain technology in advertising.

“What is important to the advertiser is they are delivering against the audience the brand wants to deliver against. If we can apply blockchain to that, with what MadHive is doing, along with the programmatic infrastructure that Beachfront delivers, that's valuable,” Sinton says.

Sinton and Helfgott say focus is critical, applying blockchain to a simple and clear concept for advertisers to understand. 

“The blockchain here solves a coordination problem between verified authenticated data, the reporting and the programmatic lifecycle,” Helfgott says. “It is a way to coordinate centralized platforms, to work together securely.”

“We aren’t trying to boil the ocean with blockchain. We are trying to do something very specific, an audience that is actually verified,” Sinton adds.

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