CPG Brands Dominate YouTube's 6-Second Ad Leaderboard

YouTube will release its list of the top six-second ads that ran on the platform during the past year Monday.

The list of “bumper” ads, as YouTube calls them, is dominated by consumer-packaged-goods companies, with food and household products leading the charge.

The top ad on the leaderboard was for Reese’s called “Egg Season,” highlighting the confectionery brand’s egg-shaped candies around Easter. 

Ads from K9 Advantix, Rice Krispies, Keebler and Gorilla Tape rounded out the top five, with Sargento Cheese, Duracell, Sonic, Pringles, and Domino’s rounding out the top 10.

This year a majority of the ads on the leaderboard were created specifically for the six-second bumper format. On the 2017 list, a majority of the top ads were actually cut down from longer spots.

YouTube determined the leaderboard by factoring in total views, engagement and a user creative rating test conducted by Ipsos. The company examined ads that appeared on the platform between July 2017-July 2018.

In a blog post to be published Monday, YouTube quotes Emily Minardi, an associate marketing director for Rice Krispies, who says  the company dedicated 90% of its online video send in the past year to developing and serving six-second ads to individuals interested in certain key topics.

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