KitchenAid Gets Hyper-Personal For New Ad Campaign From Digitas

KitchenAid's new ad campaign—developed with Digitas--uses hyper-personalization at scale to introduce unique videos that deliver customized brand experiences to consumers, all designed to speak to their interests in- and out- of the kitchen.

“The Marks” campaign celebrates and unites a tribe of passionate home cooks called Makers — those who showcase their passion by leaving their “mark” in the kitchen through every dish they create, technique they try, and memory they make.

The creative campaign is designed to appeal to foodies by showcasing various kitchen-making skills enhanced by KitchenAid products, including baking Challah and chopping vegetables, while a female voiceover discusses food's association with passion.

"Creatively we wanted to bring to life that passion and celebrate it in a dynamic, authentic and engaging way," says Laura Keeler, senior vice president/group creative director, Digitas. 

Sample the work here.

The customized rollout is intended to leverage strategy, data, creative, media and technology to deliver relevant brand experiences to targeted consumers.



Initially, campaign researchers sorted through data about consumers' behaviors and motivations in the kitchen. Digitas analyzed over 50 audience segments to develop insights to better identify their preferences. 

Once these audiences were defined, the Publicis-owned agency used the insights to create 15 unique videos. From there, the campaign married creative, audiences, and consumer consumption habits. For instance, some people will receive personalized messages, while others will get custom designed sequences based on so-called “skip logic,” determined by whether a user did or did not skip a video.

"So, when a Maker sees the work, they’ll say, yes, they totally get me -- I want to get into the kitchen right now and make my mark," says Keeler. 

The campaign's media buy includes traditional and digital placements, influencer engagement, social channels and earned media efforts.


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