Low Anxiety Television: Mood Media, Quest Diagnostics Launch 'Quest TV'

Quest Diagnostics is partnering with Mood Media to introduce "Quest TV," a curated, video programming network that is pre-recorded, with short-form and family-friendly content. The rollout includes more than 2,200 Quest Diagnostics waiting room lobbies in patient service centers across the U.S.

"Live TV means potential for inappropriate programming, unsettling news segments or advertisements, and more," says Chris Grant, executive director of patient services, Quest Diagnostics. "Ultimately, this means we can feel confident in the type of experience and ambiance we’re setting for our waiting patients."

Quest Diagnostics wanted to “enhance” the customer experience by removing potential negative live television content from their waiting rooms, says Trey Courtney, chief product officer, Mood Media. Paying special attention to HIPAA laws and regulations, Mood and Quest spent over 13 months collectively testing the new content platform and vetting it through security, IT, engineering, operational, and marketing teams, he says. 



The network will run Quest-branded video content, including broadcast-ready commercials, around national video programming provided by Mood. Some content is updated daily and other video programs updated on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.

Under this model, Quest can select specific video content that is most relevant to their specific audiences. For example, Mood and Quest collectively determined that gameshow-type content is too noisy – with too many bells and whistles – as it tended to heighten the anxiety of waiting patients instead of lowering it, says Courtney. 

Each month, Mood Media will deliver a content proof-of-play report that displays relevant media data such as frequency of content playback, duration in hours, minutes, and seconds, as well as sites where content aired. 

"Others have attempted to create similar deployments but Mood's blend of fully licensed video content plus the ability for brands to completely customize and curate programming delivers an unmatched solution offering to the marketplace," says Courtney.

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