Snap Taps 2 Execs To Oversee Strategy, Business

Because two executives are better than one, Snap has decided to fill the vacancy recently left by Imran Khan with Jeremi Gorman and Jared Grusd.

Khan -- who gave notice on September 6 -- served as the company’s Chief Strategy Officer.

Splitting Khan’s position into two roles, Gorman will oversee Snap’s ad business as Chief Business Officer, while Grusd will serve as Chief Strategy Officer, and will be responsible for partnerships, content and corporate development.

Gorman most recently served as head of global advertising sales at Amazon, while Grusd is leaving the CEO seat at Huffington Post to join Snap.

When announcing his exit earlier this month, Snap noted that Khan “confirmed this transition is not related to any disagreement with us on any matter relating to our accounting, strategy, management, operations, policies, or practices (financial or otherwise).”



Khan, who had served as Snap’s Chief Strategy Officer since 2014, is reportedly planning to hatch an investment fund of his own.

For Snap, Khan was just the latest high-level executive to walk away. Drew Vollero stepped down as Snap’s CFO earlier this year, as well as its vice president, product, Tom Conrad, the head of its Spectacles division, Mark Randall, and its global head of sales, Jeff Lucas.

Beating analysts’ expectations, Snap reported second-quarter revenue of $262 million, which was up 44% year-over-year. Analysts attributed the company's strong quarterly financial performance to its continued shift to programmatic advertising,

Snap is expected to report third-quarter earnings on Thursday.

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