A+E Networks Adds In-Campaign Optimization Tool To Outcome Guarantees

A+E Networks, which launched TV guarantees earlier this year based on marketers’ business outcomes, is now adding some in-campaign tools. They allow marketers to adjust their media in campaigns while still on the air.

Peter Olsen, executive vice president, advertising sales, A+E Networks, stated that the new in-campaign component is “fundamental,” allowing marketers to maximize their media return on investment.

John Hoctor, CEO, Data Plus Math, a TV attribution company that works closely with A+E, added that it “leverages the full value of attribution, going beyond measurement.”

A+E has been using Data Plus Math to gauge the impact of campaigns post-flight, fostering its efforts to offer TV guarantees based on a number of measures, including in-store foot traffic, sales and web traffic among other business outcomes.

Making a announcement in April -- before the start of the upfront -- A+E Networks made a rare move: It may be the first network group to give primary TV guarantees based on sales and other marketer’s outcomes.

The move shifts a decades-long emphasis in offering guarantees based on age and gender TV ratings.

TV advertisers have used consumer data to supplement Nielsen-based ratings currencies for years. Some TV networks offered guarantee on those results. But virtually all have been “secondary” TV guarantees, where age/gender TV viewing remained the primary guarantee.



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