comScore Unifies Core Digital Data Into Single View, Provides Holistic Performance Insights

This week, comScore announced it was updating MyMetrix Explore, its dynamic data exploration and visualization tool, by unifying its core digital data into a unified interface.

The update consolidates all types of content and media types and provides a holistic view of digital media consumption for publishers and advertisers. Users can also gain insight into how well content is performing across all digital devices and media types.

“Customers will still be able to access the data through the individual solutions, but the enhancements to Explore allow clients to also see numbers across core digital solutions in one single view, including data visualizations not available in the individual tools,” Naresh Rekhi, senior vice president, digital audience products, comScore, told Publishers Daily.

According to Rekhi, the update will also allow publishers to run fewer reports to make important business decisions quickly. It identifies data trends and stories through a visualization of all key digital data allowing for “a holistic view of consumption.”

The new update provides publishers with much-needed tools in today’s unpredictable media landscape. Rekhi says: “This update allows our partners to more easily derive meaningful information from the data to drive positive business impact.”



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