AI-Driven Marketing Boosts Engagement And ROI: Study

Marketers are losing out if they fail to employ artificial intelligence to send targeted email, according to "ROI Of AI Marketing: 4 Levers For Cross-Channel Success," a study by Blueshift. 

For example, AI algorithms can help firms achieve a 28% lift in average orders, subscription upgrades and form fills, the company contends. And AI-powered campaigns can lead to a tripling of revenue relative to their use in the marketing mix, it adds.

Blueshift analyzed 3.8 billion data points from December 2017 to September 2018. 

It claims, based on those findings, that AI-driven content recommendations lead to a lift of 2X for email, from 1.6% to 3.9% — and that they produce an increase of 15.7X -- from 1.1% to 6.3% — on mobile push. 

In addition, AI-based time optimization leads to a 3.1X lift for email  from 1.7%to 5.3%, and a 4.8X increase — from 1.2% to 5.8% — for mobile push.

The study says that marketers must observe consumer channel preferences. Over half of consumers exhibit a channel preference — 29% for email, 27% for mobile push. And 44% have no preference. 

“AI gives marketers the tool to scale personalized, multi-touch programs that deliver relevancy and impact across the customer journey without heavy IT involvement or data-science resources,” Blueshift concludes. 

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