Telaria Launches Tool To Provide Video Intelligence To Publishers

The supply-side video advertising platform Telaria has launched a new product designed to give publishers more insight into how advertisers view their video content.

It makes the digital advertising buying experience a bit closer to the TV buying experience.

The solution, TV Content Reporting, gives publishers “granular insights and analytics into the bidding and buying patterns of specific show titles, episodes, content categories and a more holistic view about the content advertisers want,” the company says.

That data can allow publishers to iterate and tweak their content and create targeting within the platform, potentially delivering a higher value for their inventory.

For advertisers, the new reporting solution could allow better alignment with content, something currently par for the course in TV ad buying.

While advertisers typically want the best data possible about the success and targeting of their ad buys, data can be just as helpful to supply-side companies looking to improve their content. It helps ensure the videos they produce are aligned with what premium advertisers want.

“The TV Content Reporting feature is a great example of how we’re enhancing what’s currently possible with connected TV advertising by incorporating tried-and-true broadcast best practices,” Craig Berlingo, vice president, product at Telaria, tells Digital News Daily in a statement.

“Inventory intelligence encompasses more than knowing who the audience is — publishers need to deeply understand how buyers assess their inventory and what is valuable to their objectives.”

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