Return Path Debuts AI-Based Email Deliverability Product

Return Path has added a new tool to its email deliverability suite.

Driven by artificial intelligence (AI), Dynamic Optimization is designed to combine analytics and the client’s data to provide “customized, actionable solutions to their specific email issues” such as low inbox placement and subscriber list fatigue, states Scott Ziegler, vice president of product management at Return Path.

Ziegeler comments: “The use of AI in marketing technology is really in its infancy. We believe that AI techniques like advanced analytics and machine learning can liberate marketers from complex data analysis, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of their job.”

According to Return Path, the new solution includes these features:

Sending Priority — This service applies analytics to client data to classify individual subscribers based on engagement, helping a firm to get through filtering algorithms used by mailbox providers that can make inbox placement difficult.

Engagement Assurance—This tool identifies fatigued subscribers who should be temporarily dropped from email sends to prevent negative engagement and unsubscribes. It can decrease list churn and increase subscriber engagement and lifetime value, the firm claims.

Powered by Return Path’s EmailDNA, Dynamic Optimization can be integrate into company workflows, it adds.

Ziegler comments, “Every email marketing program is unique, which means that challenges like low inbox placement or a high unsubscribe rate require more than generic best practice advice.”


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