BMW Improves Email Results With Event Campaign

BMW of North America achieved a 92% hike in registrations and a 21% attendee sales increase year-over-year with an award-winning 2017 email campaign for its Ultimate Driving Experience events.

The effort, in which 4% fewer emails were sent than the year before, was assisted by Selligent Marketing Cloud and marketing agency Raare Solutions. It utilized 22 strategic segments and 12 custom deployments, Selligent says.

The Ultimate Driving Experience is a series of six premium events in six U.S. cities. The campaign was designed to increase registration rates, adjust campaigns dynamically and identify audiences based on propensity to buy.

BMW and its vendors had to “set up a complex deployment schedule and change it frequently, often within a few minutes’ notice,” states Esther Poulsen, president, Raare Solutions.



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