IAB Tech Lab Releases Final Version Of VAST 4.1

In June, the IAB Tech Lab began the public comment period for Digital Video Ad Serving Template Version 4.1, better known as VAST 4.1.

Now, the organization says that after an “unprecedented amount of feedback,” and after discussions with the Digital Video Working Group, it has released the final version of VAST 4.1.

The IAB Tech Lab and Digital Video Working group say that VAST 4.1 is viewed as the “real” VAST.

Vast 4.0 "had a major gap that prevented it from being fully adopted -- the lack of direction for how verification should work in a world where the MediaFile node has to be separated from any executable code," Amit Shetty, IAB Tech Lab senior product director, video and audio, wrote in a blog post.

That gap has been fixed with 4.1, as were other changes made as a result of the open comment period.

Among the tweaks: nonlinear ads will no longer be deprecated, as they were in the initial version of VAST 4.1. The IAB Tech Lab cited the fact that people were still using the ads, and decided to look at the use cases in further detail.

The VAST 4.1 specs can be read here.



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