JFK Library Foundation Launches Campaign Anchored By @JohnFKennedy

Twitter has a new tweeter, sort of: JFK. The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation launched the verified @JohnFKennedy Twitter handle today to introduce the late president’s iconic ideas and messages to a new generation.

The activation of @JohnFKennedy on Twitter kicks off the Foundation’s “Words Count” campaign, created by The Martin Agency in Richmond, Va.

The @JohnFKennedy tweets will feature exact quotations said or written by Kennedy during his public life, and will, according to the agency, illustrate “the relevancy of the words today and provide a historic lens through which people can consider and assess the challenges they currently face.”

The posts are featured as the creative foundation for a digital, print and out-of-home ad campaign that will run through winter 2019.

“Today, we see citizen activism on the rise, increased voter participation rates and a new generation that is speaking out and getting involved in the political process,” said Steven Rothstein, executive director at the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. “With the launch of this effort, we hope JFK’s words will speak directly to them, with the immediacy and urgency of a modern platform, to be a guiding light as they set out to shape our future.”




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