New Agency Son&Heir To Champion Earth-Friendly Clients

Creative production agency Son&Heir is announcing its arrival with a commitment to only work with brands and artists whose practices and stories either put the planet first, champion sustainability or bring awareness to social issues. 

The Los Angeles-based agency will be led by Creative Director and Executive Producer Dilly Gent.  

Although the agency's advocacy manifesto sounds good in theory, it may be tough to execute in reality. For instance, Nike may be proactive in encouraging diversity, but the athletic brand has had sexual harassment challenges among its leadership team. There are few truly perfect brands.

But for Gent, it's a "no brainer" to "focus our efforts here and for brands to hold themselves (and their competitors) accountable, not only because it furthers the good, but because brands that ignore this will start to feel the impact in the not-too-distant future." 



She adds: "A really true sustainable brand integrates, social, economic and environmental issues. Sadly, at the moment, there are very few of them."

In the short term, Gent's goal is to focus on the environment and companies that develop non-toxic and sustainable products.

The agency is also open to working with companies that have a long-term commitment to a pro-social campaign such as Wacoal and Susan G Komen. Wacoal, to that end, has donated over $5 million to Susan G Komen since 1999.


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