Wibbitz, Rivet Smart Audio Produce Daily Video Packages For AP

Wibbitz and Rivet Smart Audio are teaming up to produce daily multimedia news content for The Associated Press’ customers to distribute on their own sites.

The content packages will combine text, video and audio for personal devices, smart screens and public display venues. It will use the AP’s news footage, Wibbitz’s automated video creation platform and Rivet’s audio production.

“Consumers not only want to read a story, but also hear, see, engage and share it. Our goal is to equip publishers with content and tools they can leverage to tell compelling, well-rounded stories, and to make it easier for content creators to customize the story for all types of media and platforms,” stated Zohar Dayan, CEO-cofounder, Wibbitz.

The partnership aims to give publishers the flexibility to use the content across a range of platforms for watching, listening and reading.



“Working with AP’s media assets and the Wibbitz video creation platform, we’re able to quickly produce multimedia content that can be watched on social media, programmed on broadcast television, streamed to smart TVs or consumed as a podcast,” stated John MacLeod, Rivet’s founder-CEO.

The video content packages combine still images with an optional layer of text and an integrated audio track. 

A few examples on Rivet’s site include a video package on “Water on Mars” and a movie review on “Overlord.”

The packages are available on the AP Video Hub, which provides video content to digital publishers, news portals and broadcasters.

The content packages will soon be rolled out to other syndication channels, digital media companies and out-of-home consumer-facing platforms.

AP customers can find the videos on the Rivet Smart Audio partner page of the AP Video Hub.

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