Mailchimp Works With Square To Launch Shoppable Landing Pages For SMBs

Mailchimp has integrated with Square to develop a service that allows small businesses to sell a product from within Mailchimp.

SMBs can use what it calls Shoppable Landing Pages to sell limited-edition goods, run targeted promotions or conduct tests without setting up an online store, Mailchimp says.

The announcement comes just as the holiday season is getting underway. 

Small-business owners can use Shoppable Landing Pages to set up a landing page using a pre-designed template and add a payments block with a drag-and-drop builder, Mailchimp claims. Square deposits payments the next business day, it adds.

SMBs also gain access to data, reporting and analytics. Users can make use of built-in email and social ads and disseminate content if they have a sign-up field.

While the current payment functionality allows only one product to be sold per page, that will increase, per the company.

Mailchimp has moved beyond its email specialty to help firms with direct mail, Facebook, Instagram and Google ad products. It says over 50% of its revenue now comes from ecommerce.






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