Startup Raises $50 Million For New AR Platform

A California startup has raised more than $50 million to develop an augmented reality platform that can deliver information in what the company refers to as ‘invisible computing.’

The funding announcement by Mojo Vision stated that it is developing the underlying technology needed to deliver a new form of augmented reality platform, allowing the display of information without a headset or phone.

The AR platform aims to enable people to have their eyes up and focus on the information and not have to look down at a screen. The company did not state whether the approach would involve wearing contact lenses or exactly how the information would get displayed, only that it would release more details on the technology at a future date.

“People want technology to deliver information faster and in more convenient ways, but in many cases the scale has tipped in the other direction,” stated Drew Perkins, CEO of Mojo Vision. “The very technology that was designed to improve communication is now often a barrier to fundamental personal connections. Invisible computing is about having faster and more natural access to information, but without phones, tablets or other devices getting in the way; in the world of invisible computing, we will be able to focus on the people around us without the interruptions from today’s screens.”

Investors include Khosla Ventures, Fusion Fund, Dolby Family Ventures, AME Cloud Ventures, NEA and Shanda Group.

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