Audi Partners With Amazon For Unique Test Drive

Audi recently offered a unique test drive experience for shoppers at Amazon Go’s original checkout-free store location in Seattle. 

For two days, about 140 unsuspecting Amazon Go shoppers were asked to trade their time for a test drive in the all-new 2019 Audi A6. The surprise? They had absolutely no idea where they were going. The destinations varied depending on how much time the drivers were willing to give up, from 30 minutes to 3 hours. 

True to the checkout-free experience, customers had the opportunity to pick up a “key box” from inside Amazon Go and simply walk out of the store and then take the Audi A6 for a test drive.

Unlike a typical test drive, “Test Drive to the Unknown” took shoppers on mini adventures, ranging from professional photo shoots to personal concerts.



One lucky customer was surprised to win a five-day luxury adventure in Munich to test-drive the Audi A6 on the German Autobahn, for an adventure that took place from Nov. 11-15. 

The main activation took place in Seattle from Nov. 9-10.

The experience offers a sneak peek into an evolving business model for Audi, one that has the potential to deliver more connected and convenient methods of engagement to meet the demands of consumers in the digital age, says Loren Angelo, vice president, marketing, Audi of America,

“As a brand rooted in innovation and pushing boundaries, we at Audi wanted to break category paradigms for what a test drive could be,” Angelo says in a release.

“Locating our test drive at Amazon Go allowed us to experiment with a new kind of retail environment while transforming the test drive into an adventure. In doing so, customers were able to have a one-of-a-kind experience and make a car purchasing decision at a time and place that may be more convenient to them."

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