Email Scam Promises Black Friday Bitcoin Discount

A purported Uphold email promoting a 15% Black Friday email discount is a scam, the company warned in an email and a tweet late Wednesday, according to reports.  

Uphold, a cybercoin site, wrote in an email, “THIS IS A PHISHING ATTEMPT. Do not send funds to the address given. Do not click on the link.” 

And the company tweeted: “Uphold HAS NOT BEEN HACKED. Uphold’s mail service account may have been compromised. We are investigating, and suspending BTC withdrawals until we have been able to communicate with all members that would have received phishing email… 

The fraudulent email was noticed by Basic Attention Token and copied in a warning on Reddit. The message reportedly has not been identified as spam by the major email services. 

The sham email looks like an Uphold message, and includes this copy:   

“The surprise is out! For the upcoming days until Black Friday, we are launching our Bitcoin Bucket Discount! Get 15% back on your Bitcoin holdings with Uphold” 

The period was missing from the last sentence.

It continued, “The Bitcoin Bucket Promotion is a promotional sales campaign, starting Wednesday, 21 November 11:00 

“Mike sends 1 BTC to the Bucket Wallet and receives 1.15 BTC back on Black Friday. Thank you for supporting Uphold since day one!”




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