DoubleVerify Introduces Goal-Based Reporting For Global Brands

DoubleVerify, which provides digital media measurement software and analytics, on Monday introduced what the company calls goals-based reporting

The enhancement to Pinnacle, DoubleVerify’s service and performance platform, enables marketers to build custom reports for any of the more than 200 key performance indicator metrics.

Advertisers set the threshold for their KPIs such as blocking rates or the delivery and viewability of impressions. It allows them to build out black-and white-lists, identify placements that drive reduced viewability, and monitor campaigns to identify poor and positive placements.

Goals-based reporting works by pinpointing specific media properties, apps and creative assets that perform well or need adjusting.

Matt McLaughlin, COO at DoubleVerify, says the goal is to gain insights from these types of metrics and take action.

Viewability is a major part of the enhancement to this platform. The metrics can determine the average rate in specific markets.



For example, in Asia-Pacific, viewability by display hit at about 51% compared with video at 40%. But percentages change based on the region. In Europe and the Middle East, those numbers for display slide to 50% and rise for video to 58%.

Viewability averages for Latin America also rank a bit higher, at 54% for display and 50% higher for video.

North America has the highest viewability averages, with display coming in at 55% and video at 59%.

Earlier in November, DoubleVerify identified an ad-fraud scheme that made its way to digital televisions.

After uncovering its major scaled botnet attack on connected TVs, the company saw a 40% spike in traffic from connected TV devices such as video game players and smart TVs.

DoubleVerify reported that about one-third of impressions were made to look as if they originated from gaming consoles, with the remaining two-thirds from smart TVs.

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