AI 2019: Humans Added Back Into The Mix

Artificial intelligence continues to move into the future and along with it come new predictions.

One of a set of new 2019 predictions from Forrester is that AI is not about to go it alone.

Ten percent of businesses leveraging artificial intelligence will end up bringing human expertise back into the loop next year, according to the research firm -- although machine learning is very good at analyzing data and recognizing patterns to come up with predictions, it lacks human reasoning capabilities.

AI experts next year will rediscover knowledge engineering and digital decisioning platforms to build knowledge graphs from their expert employees and customers, according to Forrester. The idea is that human knowledge can be harnessed for more complex AI applications, making them more accurate.

The major challenge for AI is quality data and another 2019 prediction is that investments in information architecture will continue with a renewed focus on the actual data being captured.

One challenge is that there’s an AI talent shortage even beyond the categories of technical and science with businesses needing “industry, social, legal, customer experience and operational experience to train, manage and trust AI systems,” states the report.

In 2019, companies are expected to increasingly apply AI to talent recruitment to find the best combinations of experiences and qualities needed by new hires.

Forrester notes that most companies are only dabbling in artificial intelligence. In the next year, AI may move to become more of a foundation for business innovation, well beyond dabbling.

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