Spider-Man Web AR Feature Bows As Movie Promo

To promote the coming release of Sony Pictures' “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” an augmented reality mobile-web experience has been created by 8th Wall and Trigger, a mixed reality agency.

The immersive AR camera is built with 8th Wall web and Amazon Sumerian technology running on Amazon Web Services. The AR feature allows consumers to interact with Spider-Man virtually and take pictures that can be shared.

The AR feature can be used instantly, without having to download an app.

“Spider-Man is a perfect match for AR, not only because his acrobatic moves and iconic poses lend themselves well to the format, but also because he’s one of the most relatable superheroes,” stated Rose Phillips, senior vice president, digital marketing at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The movie, scheduled for release in theaters Dec. 14, introduces Brooklyn teen Miles Morales and the possibilities of the Spider-Verse, where anyone can wear the mask.

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