Kantar, Landor Partner With Women Political Leaders

Just in time for the Women Leaders Global Forum, going on right now in Reykjavik, Iceland, WPP has forged a new partnership with Women Political Leaders (WPL), a global network of female politicians, with a mission to increase both the number and the influence of women in political leadership positions.

Contributing to the partnership are both Landor, the global brand consultancy, and research arm Kantar.

Kantar has developed and launched the Reykjavik Index For Leadership, designed to assess people’s perceptions of women and men’s suitability for leadership. It measures the extent to which society is comfortable with women in leadership as compared to men, the variation of views across different sectors and the dissonance between men’s and women’s views.

Surveying the attitudes of more than 10,000 people, it evaluates the G7 group of nations and across 20 industries and public professions.

Check out the index here.



Michelle Harrison, Global CEO of Kantar Public and WPP Government and Public Sector Practice, says: “Evidence is an essential tool in public policy and social progress. We have created the Reykjavik Index for Leadership to support the journey to equality for men and women. We believe in a world where women and men have an equal right and opportunity, not just to participate in all aspects of economic and political life, but to lead.”

Amen to that. The more female leaders the better. Men have been screwing up the planet long enough.

Separately, Landor has developed what it calls a new form of “socially responsive” design to create a living identity for the Forum’s brand, called The Pulse. The design translates the social conversations surrounding women in leadership into a living brand asset, visualizing the conversation in real time.

I’m actually having a hard time visualizing that but this link may provide more clarity.

Jane Geraghty, Global CEO of Landor, said The Pulse “has power beyond simply branding. The live nature of the asset demonstrates WPL’s commitment to openness and transparency around the subject, giving us all a real chance to drive positive change.”

That would be nice. The world can use a big dose of positive change.



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