'Washington Post' To Launch Evening Podcast, Tech Policy Newsletter

The Washington Post announced the upcoming launch of two products this week. An evening podcast called “Post Reports” and a technology policy newsletter, “The Technology 202,” will round out the publisher’s increasingly robust stable of multimedia offerings. 

The 20-minute “Post Reports” podcast, hosted by Martine Powers, will be made up of multiple segments focused on “behind-the-scenes look at how stories were reported” and commentary on the latest news developments, according to a post by the publishers.

Set to launch Dec. 3, the podcast will post each weekday at 5 p.m. 

Inspired by the clash between the technology industry and Washington policymakers, “The Technology 202” will be helmed by recent hire Cat Zakrewski .



Zakrewski, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, and an expanded team of reporters will cover topics like White House and Congressional tech initiatives, privacy, artificial intelligence and industry lobbying. 

“The Technology 202” launches Dec. 4.

The team behind “The Technology 202” is part of a recent expansion by the Post to bolster its tech coverage. Reporters, most of whom were brought on this fall, are dispersed among newsrooms in Washington, San Francisco and Seattle.

“This investment represents a major enhancement of our already distinguished business coverage and a recognition that technology deserves concentrated attention,” Martin Baron, executive editor, The Washington Post, stated at the time of the hires’ announcement.

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