AT&T To Debut WarnerMedia SVOD Services In Late 2019

Looking to capitalize on its Time Warner deal completed earlier this year, AT&T will launch three WarnerMedia subscription video-on-demand services in late 2019.

AT&T says there will be an entry-level subscription video-on-demand services (SVOD) package focused on movies, and a second, more premium service with original programming and blockbuster movies.

The third and priciest service will bundle content from the first two plus family, comedy and the theatrical library from WarnerMedia. In the future, it will also license content from other TV and movie producers.

“We are going to showcase specific brands to help the customer find the curated content they want,” says John Stankey, CEO, WarnerMedia, speaking at the company’s analyst day meeting on Wednesday. “Our goal is for more customers to be involved with us, across a variety of different demographics.”



Stankey hopes consumers will eventually buy all three packages.

“We really want the customers to want all three tiers. But we are allowing them to work their way in.” The mission is targeting the “$150 a month” families typically spend on TV content, he says.

AT&T says the new services will complement WarnerMedia’s existing business; help distribution partners, expand reach and grow its subscriber bases; and capture data and analytics to “inform new products and better monetize content.”

Stankey says the new services will go into a beta test in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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