Asparagus, Leek Get Their 50-Plus Seconds Of Fame

Les Recettes Ferme d’Anchin is partnering with CLM BBDO to help the French soup brand launch its first advertising campaign that highlights the importance of vegetables.

The creative honors two specific veggies — asparagus and leeks — in an offbeat digital spot that show how two characters, Louise Asperge (Louise Asparagus) and Samuel Poireau (Samuel Leek) have had to put up with all kinds of taunting since childhood. But now, thanks to Recettes Ferme d’Anchin, they can finally appreciate and celebrate their distinctive names.  

There’s an outdoor component to the campaign in partnership with retailer Monoprix, and an influencer activation that provided free goodies to select personalities who’ve willingly chosen vegetable-related handles, such as @pititchampignon (little mushroom).




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