'Allure' Launches Podcast That Delves Into Beauty, Identity

Allure has launched its first podcast hosted by editor-in-chief Michelle Lee. 

The podcast aims to go beyond product recommendations and beauty trends to touch on broader themes of representation, identity and beauty standards. Episodes will air weekly.

The first episode of the Allure podcast debuted yesterday, featuring “Crazy Rich Asians” actress and rap artist Awkwafina. Lee and Awkwafina discuss Asian representations in Hollywood, unsuccessful beauty looks and Awkwafina's idol, Lucy Liu.



Ulta Beauty is the launch partner of the podcast and sponsoring the first five episodes.

Ulta Beauty and Allure have also worked together on "See Yourself, See Each Other," a new video and digital series exploring similar themes of representation, skin, gender identity, hair and body positivity.

Each episode of the Allure podcast will feature a conversation with an influential voice in the beauty, fashion and entertainment industries. “There’s no lack of amazing guests to have on,” Lee said.

In her three years as top editor of Allure, Lee has made it the team’s mission “to broaden and redefine beauty and delve deep into beauty standards, race, gender and body positivity,” she told Publishers Daily.

“We love products and skincare, but beauty is about identity and representation” as well, she added. Podcasts provide a longer and more intimate format for interviews, allowing listeners to "delve so much deeper into topics. The podcast is "another arm for people to engage with our brand.”

The Awkwafina episode was recorded in Los Angeles, but Lee said Condé Nast has its own podcast studio they will use, too.

The next episode will feature model (and mother to tech billionaire Elon Musk) Maye Musk.

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